Health Benefits You Will Get by Using a Computer Desk during Work

Computer desk is a necessity for users who work for a longer duration of time. Most people do not understand the importance of a great computer desk. A computer desk is designed to ensure that you are at perfect angle and perfect alignment and every part of your body is well supported.

Here, is a list of benefits that you get when you use a computer desk.

Perfect Eye Level
When you sit on a computer desk your eyes are at the top of the monitor. It gives you the perfect viewing angle and neck position to ensure better health of your eyes and neck. When adjusting your desk or chair make sure that your eyes are at the same level with the top of your monitor.

Perfect Viewing Distance
When sitting on a computer desk you can adjust the distance between the monitor and your eyes. The perfect viewing distance is between 15 and 30 inches which allow you to have a clear view of the whole screen along with minimum damage to the eyes with clear visibility. When using a computer desk, make sure you adjust the distance in between these two standard distances.

Elbow Angle of 90 Degree
Your computer desk should allow you to have an elbow angle of 90 degree. Any angle lesser or greater than 90 degree creates problems for the shoulder muscles. One should always make sure that they use the standard 90 degree angle while using the computer. The more you fold the hands the more is the strain on your body.

Wrist Straight
Make sure you rest your wrists on the desk when using the keyboard, you should learn to type without raising your wrist and you should keep your wrist straight at all times while typing.

Knee Angle of 90 Degree
Just like the elbows the knee angle is also very important, straight legs with 90 degree knees reduce the strain on your leg muscles. Always make sure that the knees are in 90 degree, especially when you sit for long hauls.

Foot Rest or Flat Feet
Whether your computer desk has foot rest or not, make sure you keep the feet well balanced either on the platform or the ground. Sitting on a computer desk allows you to keep the feet at proper angles.

Perfect Seat Height
When you sit on an ergonomic computer chair with a computer desk, your seat height is adjustable. One should set the height of the seat to a level where your legs are straight at 90 degree when you are sitting on the desk. Any need to fold the legs or adjust them will not be suitable for long hauls.

Lower Back Support
When you use a computer desk with an ergonomic chair, you get a perfect lumber support to the lower back which experiences the most pressure and weight while you are sitting. It is recommended to always use a high quality ergonomic chair for a healthy sitting posture.

These properties of computer desk make them perfect for long hauls and perfect for professionals who do intensive work on computers. Using a computer desk minimizes the impact of damage done to the body. This is all about computer desk and health benefits it provides. Always maintain proper body posture when you use a computer desk for better health.

Intel vs. AMD: Which brand should you select when building your PC?

Intel vs. AMD: Which brand should you select when building your PC? Many people often ask themselves the question whenever they are looking for the best processors in the market. However, with guide on them, you will understand what to do when making your choice in a market. Here is a review on Intel vs AMD that you should know when buying:

Both companies often provide processors that ranges widely in terms of prices. When buying from the market, you will AMD chips at cheap prices when compared to Intel. The Athlon dual-core processors can sell for $30 or $40 while Intel’s cheapest Celeron of a G1820 dual-core will sell for $55. That does not certainly mean AMD chips are cheap when buying with a less value within the market. You must make sure that you do enjoy the kind of deals that you would have within the computer shopping outlets.

When it comes to overclocking, most CPUs have fixed clock speeds that you can choose when making your choice. When you do choose them, you will definitely have facts that would enable you make a perfect choice especially when acquiring the deals from the market. You should know that Intel processors are better than AMD in terms of their speed when you need a better performance. You will get a higher CPU speed when using an Intel especially when increasing the clock speed of a CPU.

Gaming is another area that you must be careful when picking your CPU especially when you lack skills since it can be tricky. Most AMD offer numerous processors sold mainly as APUs that means they often combine processor with the Radeon graphics on one chip. These provides excellent value for the low-end gaming. On the other side, Intel has-die integrated graphics with the performance not up to par when compared to the AMD’s Radeos. You must know what to do when making your choice especially when looking for these excellent options.

On power efficiency, most of AMD often struggle when keeping up with the Intel when looking for the best deals especially when acquiring these available options. Before buying, you must ensure that you choose a good processor when looking for ideas on how to improve the speed of your computer.

When you need a durable processor between Intel and AMD, you will find that AMD is more durable than the Intel ones from the market. You must make sure that you do know what to do especially when making your choice especially when acquiring the best options within the market.

In terms of reputation, Intel has a higher reputation in the market when you need a good processor. Many computer manufacturing companies often use Intel as opposed to AMD due to the reputable brand that you would have within the market. You will definitely enjoy the best speed when you choose an Intel processor as opposed an ADM despite the benefits that it has when buying.

In conclusion, the information will enable you understand the difference between Intel and AMD when choosing a reputable brand..